The morning after the first weekend sober

Two days, two posts. Not my usual frequency but the awesomeness of what I’m currently feeling needed to be shared.

Today is one of the best Monday’s in a very long time. The weekend just passed was the first full weekend of going sober (at the time or writing this, I am currently nine and a half hours into day nine). I had two social events in the calendar which were already pre-arranged before I decided to kick the can (I’m quite spontaneous at the best of times hence the sudden decision to finally quit drinking).

The first was drinks with my best friend and two of her girlfriends who all came down to Brighton for the afternoon/evening. I’d planned to call her to explain I was going sober but didn’t get around to it. I was a little anxious, as a lot of our relationship involved drinking and I was a little worried about how she would react. Long story short, it turns out I had no reason to be — and I should have known this.

Even B (my partner) said to me that she 100% has my back and in hindsight, I was mad to think anything differently. In fact, when I told her the real reason the next day, she told me that she has zero issues with me not drinking and I needed to pick up the phone to her more should I need to talk about anything — I frickin’ love this girl so much and I am definitely guillty of underestimating her love for me at times (sorry Lou!).

My second social event was part of a housewarming/30th birthday celebration for two of our lovely friends are now permanently fixtured in Hove. A small group of eight (usually there’s 10–15 of us, if not more for the large social gatherings), with half the group unaware of my recent sobriety. As my partner doesn’t drink, having non-drinkers around them isn’t something that is foreign to them, however I was a little anxious about whether I would be able to handle the situation at hand in a positive way.

NB: We’re in the middle of a heatwave which is not only rare for the UK, but it’s usually a time I would be out drinking all day, or even weekend if possible. I may of mentioned this in my previous post…apologies if so, think of this as the update.

Thankfully I had an AA meeting via Zoom just before I left the house to join the others at the BBQ and the positivity from that was just insanely good! So good in fact, that I didn’t once crave a drink from the beers or wine on the table or the cocktails being made by our lovely hosts. I treated myself to an ice cream sundae on the way home as a reward for this small, yet important achievement.

Whilst walking home, my partner turned to me and said that this afternoon was one of the best social events he’d ever had with me. For once, I wasn’t slurring my words or interrupting people mid-sentence and making the situation really awkward. He got to relax. I was relaxed.

That felt really good and I want me some more of that sweet, sweet taste of sobriety.

Originally published at on August 10, 2020.




Sober-living, originally from London but now living in Hove (Actually). Comms & Copywriting guy by day, book-loving, movie fiend by night.

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Christian Dolan

Christian Dolan

Sober-living, originally from London but now living in Hove (Actually). Comms & Copywriting guy by day, book-loving, movie fiend by night.

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